Thursday 12-9-2010

Norah and I made great strides yesterday with the “Trash it!”-“Donate it”-“Give it to Auntie Sarah for her yard sale!” I want everyone to know I am SO over this moving business!!!  I am amazed at how much STUFF I had accumulated, even though a lot of it moved out with Norah when she went to her new house

The cats: Charlie and Coraline are getting settled in their new homes.  Coraline has already met the dogs in her new house and spent 30 seconds hissing and spitting at them – informing them that SHE was now in charge and their lives had changed forever (sounds like my girl!).  Charlie had spent the day hanging out under the couch and generally being disgruntled.  But I coaxed him out last night and spent an hour or so with him and my mother, while Charles explored his new living quarters and found himself places to perch and more places to hide.  UPDATE: Sarah says she will have to clean off the top of her desk as Charlie has decided that the warmest spot in the room is either sitting on her router or snuggled up under her lamp.


My Mom at 95.5 years old

I printed out some maps for my mom (she’s 95 and getting a little vague) – drew lines on the world map and wrote down my travel schedule. I circled Buraydah on a KSA map and wrote down what I would be doing there – both are taped up in her bedroom.  She spent quite some time studying the maps – they will, I hope, help her over the transition.  I will be able to Skype and talk to her and Sarah can read her my blogs postings and share my facebook postings with her.

The picture was taken the last time I took her to IHOP – our favorite breakfast place.

The first good news of the day: PaulSimon made it through customs and TSA and is on the plane.  I will pick him up at the airport at 5:30 PM tonight: one more pair of hands to help with moving furniture tomorrow and he will drive my car up to Salt Lake City so Jay can drive it while I am gone.  His plane kept getting delayed, but will arrive at 8:45 PM.  We will be very grateful for his help tomorrow.

I let the DEOS-L folks know today that I am moving – Zane will tend the list while I am travaling.  I have been list moderator for 15 or so years (although most folks don’t even know I am there!)  It has been nice receiving good wishes from old list friends!

Today we will spend packing boxes ready for the big furniture move tomorrow.  Oh my! I hadn’t realized how much cat hair has sifted into all the nooks and crannies and corners in my house.  I am going to take two BIG sticky rollers with me – I am sure a year from now in Saudi Arabia, I will STILL be picking cat hair out of my clothes!!

Norah was ruthless with tossing stuff – Mostly I didn’t even look and only rescued two items from the pile – a drawer that held old fashioned type  and the “tree” that Zane’s Dad made me to hang my key tags on.  I know they would not be on the “can’t live without” list – but both have sentimental value for me.

Now, off to the airport to collect my son and take him over to Norah’s for the night – no beds or bedding here for him!!  Guess we will be camping out with Norah and Krys for the weekend.

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