Sunday morning…

After two days of dedicated work by my moving crew (son Paul, and daughters Krystal and Norah) under the direction of Sergeant Norah! we are down to the tail ends of cleaning out the house.  Only my bedroom and bathroom need to be cleaned and the last few piles of stuff sorted.

Friday morning Norah rounded up her furniture moving crew: Pauly, Jason and another of her neighbours, and the U-Haul truck and got the furniture moving underway.  Stuff went to her house, Krys’ house and SarahP’s and some furniture even found its way to her neighbours’ house.  The crew was so efficient that the U-Haul truck was turned in before 6 PM – but, as she had warned me, it was the mileage – 97 miles at 85 cents a mile – that got to be VERY expensive.  Norah and her room-mates were thrilled with the new fridge and washer and dryer – all of which work! We were all amazed at how Norah managed to “jenga” all the furniture and boxes into neat stacks in her garage – and SHE was the one who drove the 14 ft long truck!

Today Krystal and I will go over and move all my “I want to take this with” stuff into the livingroom and spread it all out, re-sort and repack my suitcases.  I did buy two corrugated cardboard shipping cartons that we will pack with the “gotta have but can’t stuff in the suitcases” things and leave them for shipping as soon as I have an address. USPS is the cheapest shipping but even then …. WOW!! (or should I say OUCH!)

There will be some more garbage sacks filled and a few more added to the “donate” pile and we will clean the last two rooms and then we are DONE! So far I don’t appear to have lost anything critical – except some package that were supposed to have been shipped to me in the mail that have not yet arrived.

A small family dinner is planned for this afternoon and I only have three items left on my “gotta do” list – two involve my hair and the other a trip to Sam’s Club to pick up some prescriptions. Oooops, add an item quick: have to call Verizon about the mobile phones.

I was just thinking that we didn’t take pictures of the moving crew at work…everyone was too busy…this blog looks much more interesting with pictures so I will need to keep my camera handy from now on. I know where it is! I do… I THINK I do… (which is more than I can say for my mobile phone this minute!)

I am looking forward now to Wednesday night (which means I will have made it through London and all the way to Riyadh) because I will be having dinner-and-shopping with three of the delightful ladies I met at the September workshop.

Friday morning Krys and I went over to the smog station and then to the Department of Motor Vehicles and took care of the registration for the car – all in less than an hour.  DMV have installed two kiosks that scan the bar code from the emissions station receipt and print out your license plate sticker on the spot!  (That will be $277, please!) Technology is WUNNERFUL (when it works!)

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  1. Glad to see that things are moving quickly and well! Can’t wait to read your new adventures! I remember when I was packing up to leave for Korea and selling off everything. It was a very freeing experience! Sounds like this is one grand adventure for you Mauri!

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