Well, less than seven days now!!!

I started off today listening to three different sets of visa woes!! I was selfishly VERY glad that mine is safely in my passport and my passport is here in my desk drawer. I have decided that all governments are inefficient in their very own fashions – but that matters do run more smoothly in the US than most other places – you don’t HAVE to know someone or pay a bribe to get what you need to done!

I had to talk to the phone company today to get my house phone moved over to my daughter’s house – most of the other utilities allow you to move stuff and stop service online.

All my winter salwar kameez are clean and hanging up out of the way of the cats (and their hair!) They will be in a suitcase for a week or so; there is no point in ironing them.  I even located all my silk longjohns – haven’t worn those since Chicago.

Did you know that you can buy a one terrabyte Seagate pocket drive for $99 and tax from Walmart? I didn’t but I do now! Nuisance – I had to totally reformat the drive to use with my MAC and lost access to the movies that came on the NTFS formatting.  Now the tedious part is moving all my backups over – and then setting it up for Time Machine to get a back up of the MACbook before I leave.

Who would ever have thought that I have almost 4 pounds of jewelry to take with me – those Indian necklaces and earrings are HEAVY. But if I leave it all here I will only replace it when I get to Saudi so I would end up with twice as much….hmmm….how is that a bad thing?

Paul didn’t make it down from Canada today – but Norah will be here tomorrow – bright and fairly early I am sure to make sure that I make our Friday deadline to have everything out of the house.  Utilities won’t be turned off until Wednesday 12/15 and I will be in Riyadh by then!

I added yet another frequent flyer program to my list – but at least this one gives you an extra baggage allowance for being a member! I paid British Airlines for my extra bag and realized that I can buy a bigger carry-on bag than the one I have – the problems will come when I shift down to the flight between Riyadh and Buraydah/Gassim – much tighter baggage allowance – I am going to have to save Riyals to get my bags there.

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  1. Pocket drives are the best. Jo and I have about 4TB in the apartment. All pockets. My 4 year old MBP just had it’s hard drive replaced (expanded), and I purchased an enclosure for it! Now we have a very tiny 200GB drive!

    Hope your last week run smoothly!

  2. DrMauri says:

    and I just discovered a very old 20 gig laptop drive in an enclosure. I can remember when it was ENORMOUS …now they have flash drives almost that size 🙁

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